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LEX4-SO-BLK Electric Fireplace
Here at Henry’s fireplace & Grills we provide a wide range of fireplace options and finishes. Electric fireplaces are near and dear to our heart, they have been growing in popularity over the last 10 years and we have been at the forefront of that trend. These cost effective and innovative fireplaces might just be the right thing for your home or office.
Electric fireplaces are quickly becoming the latest, greatest trend in contemporary home decor. There are hundreds of shapes, styles, colors and finishes available to suit your style. In addition, improvements in technology have made the flames look so realistic in some units that you will forget that you don’t need to throw another log on the fire.

Save on natural gas and heating oil costs. An electric fireplace can comfortably heat the room or area, so you can lower your thermostat and still enjoy the warmth. Electric fireplaces can cost as little as 20 cents/hr. to run on the highest heat and flame settings, less when just the flame effect is being used, which is significantly lower than the cost of firewood or natural gas.

Electric fireplaces are not a heat safety risk to children or pets. The glass stays cool to the touch and does not require cooldown periods, which helps keep the risk of injury much lower than conventional fireplaces.
You can use your electric fireplace all year round. Keep the heat off and just enjoy the ambiance of the flame effect during the warmer month without adding any heat to the room. Most gas or wood fireplaces in warmer climates remain unused 8-10 months per year.

Would you like to mount a TV above your fireplace but are concerned with the heat potentially damaging your electronics? Or having to mount the TV so high on the wall that you get neck strain just watching? No worries with an electric fireplace.

Enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace with your favorite movie without risking damage to your expensive Television.

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