Vented Gas Logs

round mountain vented gas logs

Enjoy your fireplace again whenever you want for as long as you want, with a lot less mess.

Vented gas logs sets are designed to be installed in a prefabricated or Masonry fireplace with an operational chimney flue and damper. However, a damper clamp must be used to ensure safety.

These beautiful logs sets are the perfect alternative to burning wood. Large natural orange flames and high BTUs create the effect of a real wood burning fire.

Easy to use, most logs sets can be turned on or off with a simple wall switch or a handheld remote control.

These log sets are available from many manufacturers with a huge variety of shapes and styles.

Unlike the ventless options the BTUs on these burners are not limited to 39000 resulting in sizes up to 72” and much larger flames.

vented logs
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