Outdoor Fireplaces

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Henry’s Fireplace & Grills sells a variety of outdoor fireplaces to create the perfect outdoor living space.

These manufactured outdoor units are easily installed and provide a budget friendly way to create an inviting area to gather around in the cool evenings and enjoy an extended outdoor season.

Made from durable Stainless steel they will give you years of enjoyment and comfort.

Two fuel types are available:
Wood Burning
Natural or LP Gas

Gas Fireplaces

The gas versions of these outstanding additions to your landscape require no chimney and no messy wood to chop & stack. Simply turn them on or off with a push button remote control. They boast 50k to 60k BTUs and all that heat is reflected as none of it is lost up the chimney.

For ease of use and immediate heat a gas fireplace is the way to go.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

The wood burning outdoor fireplace gives you the sounds and smells of a campfire in your yard without all the smoke. If you have ever had to do the fire pit smoke dance to be able to breathe while enjoying your fire pit due to shifting breezes, then this fireplace will be exactly what you need. Enjoy the outdoor season and extend it into the winter.

Not only is an outdoor fireplace a beautiful enhancement to your deck or patio but it also provides a wind break sheltering you from the cold breeze and adding warmth to your outdoor space.

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