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Craftsman Black Glass Gas Fireplace

Henry’s Fireplace sells and services most major brands of gas fireplaces: Heatilator, Monessen, Kozy Heat, Valor, Napoleon, White Mountain Hearth, and many more.

With over 20 years of experience our fireplace experts can help guide you to the best solution for your project.

Remodel or new construction, we can help you realize your dream fireplace and feature wall.

Electric fireplaces are quickly becoming the latest, greatest trend in contemporary home decor. There are hundreds of shapes, styles, colors and finishes available to suit your style. In addition, improvements in technology have made the flames look so realistic in some units that you will forget that you don’t need to throw another log on the fire.

Why Buy A Gas Fireplace?

Homeowners who want the warmth of a hearth without the bother of burning wood are now turning to gas fireplaces. With gas flames that curl around wood-like ceramic logs and look so incredibly real, these appliances offer a true fireplace at the touch of a switch and also can be had with a remote. Gone are the days when a new fireplace meant a masonry chimney rising feet above the nearest roof. Today, many fireplaces install with a simple cut in the exterior wall for venting.
BAY41-REC-Birch-Masonry-Room-Gas Fireplace

Benefits: Convenient, Clean, Simple. Quickly turn on the fire with a snap of a switch or an adjustment of a thermostat. Most hearth products also for adjustments in flame height and fire intensity.

Fire Characteristics: Consistent, decorative and controllable. With some gas hearth products, you select the media and intensity of the fire.

Fire Starting: Simple. Operate through the flip of a switch or the click of a remote. It’s very easy.
Type of Heat: Convective + Radiant.

Fuel Storage & Handling: Either through a pipeline (Natural Gas) or a tank (Liquid Propane).

Types of Gas Fireplaces

We service and sell most types of Gas fireplaces, including:

Direct Vent 

This is the modern standard for gas fireplaces. Direct Vent Technology is a method of venting a fireplace that involves a Co-Axel pipe, essentially this is a pipe inside of another pipe, typically a 4” pipe inside of a 7” pipe, or a 5” pipe inside of an 8” pipe. The interior pipe acts as the exhaust, and the exterior pipe acts as the intake. Almost every direct vent fireplace has a sealed combustion chamber, and  the air is pulled from the outside, used in the combustion chamber, and expelled as exhaust through the interior pipe of the chimney. A few benefits of this style of fireplace venting;

The fireplace is pulling air from outside to burn, rather than burning air that is already warm, keeping the warm air inside of the home.

Second, since you are not burning room air, you are not lowering the pressure of the house, which means that you vastly diminish the amount of outside (cold) air infiltration into the home. This type of fireplace can vent either horizontally or vertically, with flexibility in each scenario.

Gas Fireplace-LCU
Gas Fireplace

Vent free

A vent-free fireplace is essentially what it sounds like: a fireplace that’s designed to burn without the need for a chimney or other types of ventilation. Traditional gas fireplaces, as well as wood-burning fireplaces, use an exhaust flue to remove exhaust from the home and bring combustion air into the sealed firebox. In contrast, a vent-free fireplace doesn’t use a flue, it relies on the available oxygen in the room for combustion. 

One of the biggest benefits of a vent-free fireplace is that they offer better efficiency compared to a vented fireplace. Without the need for a vent, 99% of the heat generated by a ventless fireplace stays inside the room, essentially allowing you to achieve complete combustion and optimal heat retention in your home. Another benefit of vent-free fireplaces is that they’re low-cost and easy to install. Consider a vent free fireplace especially if installing a vented unit would be difficult or impossible due to the location of the proposed unit.


This was the first type of gas fireplace sold, it is essentially the same as wood burning fireplace with an open-faced fireplace that pulls room air for combustion, and exhausts out of a vertical chimney. On some units there is the option of an outside air source to equalize pressure in the firebox and assist with the draft.

Craftsman Black Glass Gas Fireplace
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